Bear in blue

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Bear in blue is an electric signal distortion unit with a full-bodied sound, highly controllable state variable filter and dry mixing output stage.

It can be used with guitar, bass and synthesizers.

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If you are dreaming of slow doomy powerchord passages or thunderous bass lines or synth-filter-wah-lazers, Bear in blue is the answer.


With the bass retaining clipping characteristic and a sculpting multi mode filter, it makes even the most esoteric indie pawnshop guitar roar!


The gain structure draws inspiration from Maestro MFZ-1 OpAmp fuzz, tailored to maintain bass frequencies and feed into the two pole resonant filter.


Invigorate your performance with an expression pedal or use control voltages to shake things up. Ride those squelchy filter oscillations in pursuit of the arcane knowledge of subtractive synthesis!


The filter design is an adaptation of a Steiner-Parker filter known for it’s guttural charcteristics. The mode switch changes between three different filter types.


And it doesn’t end there. The dry mixing stage enables you to blend in the input signal. Feed your favorite overdrive for stacked gain madness. Use it to fade in the effect with your sampler. Or layer the dirt behind your clean bass sound.



Bear in blue can be used with most electric instruments. Download and print some old-school analog-style patch sheets to keep track of the different sound discoveries.


For more detailed information, check out the quick start guide.



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Dimensions 19 × 13 × 9 cm

Patch sheet