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In the Finnish national epic Kalevala, the world was created from seven eggs. They rolled off from a pochard´s nest when the air goddess moved her leg. The eggs broke up into the sea and different parts became the ground, the sky, the sun and the moon.

At Pochard, our main design ethos is sound discovery. We want to create new fields to explore. Our pedals are designed to have a broad range in parameter settings, and you can run through them any electric audio signal you can think of.

The second design ethos is modularity. Guitar pedals are modular by nature but our goal is to encourage connectivity from outside the pedalboard also. By incorporating control voltages and other performance inputs, our gadgets can be used more freely in electric music making.

At Pochard we think there are no wrong sounds and embrace all sorts of aesthetics. In our devices there is a possibility to dial broken or weird kind of sounds as well as the beautiful ones. We think that it’s important to give the user the experience to go just a little bit further.

Sometimes you have to brake some eggs to make new soundscapes.

Pochard is a brainchild of Olli Heikkinen. Musician, music technician and graphic designer turned into a effect pedal maker. He likes eccentric music gear, every fuzz ever made, melancholic music and spicy food.